Succulent Terrarium Candle


Shop our unique hand crafted succulent terrarium candle with wax designs positioned and set in place on the surface of the candle.

Please note it takes 5 business days to craft this design.
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At this stage, we are only shipping within Australia.

Standard shipping is $10 per order
Free standard shipping on orders over $100*
*Bulky packages 5kg & over excluded from this deal


If however your product arrives damaged, please follow the following steps.
1. After opening the box exposing the damage, do not touch it. Immediately take photos of the candle and the parcel box.
2. Email us within 48hrs of receiving the items attaching the photos.
Subject title: DAMAGED & your name
In the email:

  • Attach photos
  • State your full name, phone number, invoice number & date of purchase
  • Briefly explain the situation and issue

If you do not email us within the 48hr time frame and is not kept with its original packaging. We may not replace the product free of charge.
Self inflicted damages or no proof of transit damages will not be refunded or exchange.

Care Instructions

When burning the candle please allow the wax to melt all the way to the edge/rim. The reason behind this is for the wax to evenly melt and prevent tunneling

Do not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time. Let the candle have at least a 2hr break if you wish to light it up again.
Discontinue to burn when the wax height is approximately 1cm from the base of the jar. Failing to do so can cause the glass to over heat and shatter.

To ensure an even and smoke free burn, trim your wick each time before lighting.

Candles can be sensitive to light and temperature (Especially during our Aussie summer).


Keep them in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight. When the candle is not in use, please use the lid provided to cover the candle to prevent accumulation of dust.
Wick debris (from not trimming) and high volumes of accumulated dust can catch on fire.

It is normal for your candle to discolour over time, this will not affect the quality or scent of your candle.
It is also normal for some fragrance to discolour the wax after a burn, this will not affect the burn or fragrance throw of your candle.

Be extra careful and mindful of what surface the burning candle is placed on.
Unattended candles can over heat if it is left burning for more than the recommended time frame.
For your safety, don’t leave the candle burning while you’re sleeping.

Never leave candles in reach of children whether it is burning or not.
Keep out of reach from pets
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Make sure nothing is obstructing the flame or hovering near the flame.



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